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Life from the beginning was and still is centred on togetherness, unity, companionship and cooperation. Take any of these away and life becomes useless and meaningless. Because, no matter how rich or how poor one is everybody needs somebody. Of course there comes a time when one prefers to be left alone. But the underlying fact of life is that, the two will become one. Otherwise there will be no shops; buyers and sellers, there will be no hospitals transportation, post office, police, army, organization and church. Life which starts with birth and seems to end with death can fully be understood (although not wholly) through the eyes and utterances of Jesus Christ as our savior.


Before you read this declaration, I’ll like to read form the Gospel of Mark 2:29-31. Hear oh Israel our God is one…This was only a prelude to what has already been said from the beginning. In the very first beginning the rallying cry had been that of unity and togetherness “this is now bone of mine and flesh of my flesh, they were naked, in other words, they think alike and their concern was centered on each other, they saw themselves as true equals of the same stem. This the bible put it very nicely and neatly. The man and woman were together and naked and they were not ashamed. That’s certainly paradise on earth. And incidentally, they were in a world where cooperation rather than indifference was the order of the day. A world then known only by its romantic name. The Garden of Eden. But then all of a sudden another word came along to replace man’s guiding word, yes another word. Free thinkers entered the fray. Lucifer the invisible tormentor of man from the beginning entered. For man’s life has never been that of a confrontation but unity. And when man changed the tune of this guiding word to that of Gen 4:9, paradise indeed disappeared. Here we learn of what the free thinker planted in to man. Cain slew his brother Abel on the account of jealousy. When the Creator asked him why? His answer was “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Selfishness has come to stay and paradise was gone. But in Christ Paradise can still be regained. Listen to the rallying cry of Jesus; Mark 12:29-31. Hear oh Israel our God is one…The very ancient guiding word which made paradise available to man is now in a very polished form being introduced again. In other words, hear oh mankind we are of the same stock, call it evolution, call it science, call it creation. The fact is we as humans are of the same stock with the same vital organs hearts, flesh and blood. To be able to survive we need each other. The joy of the other person being of service to his fellow struggling man must never be underestimated. For when your interest lies in someone else progress you will never feel ashamed to help out.


Divisiveness works in many ways listen to the following and avoid.

But while those who are still remnants of real seekers of paradise are decreasing the selfish and jealous types like Cain are on the increase. A very devoted Christian befriended three none Christians. One day the most senior among them came with a plan to steal a gold bar form a seemingly unguarded vault. Come friend said Joy the senior man, we shall all be rich today. When the Christian protested with biblical quotation using Rom. 13:8-14 they shut him down, Go away with your Roman’s. We want to be rich and if you are a true friend and join us then it’s fine. As his protest failed he joined them. When they came to the area Joy told them to wait while he goes in first to pull out the gold. His intention was to pull out the gold and take the lion’s share of the booty. Selfish gain has come on display. When he received a jolt by the cutting machine installed around the gold, he hid his pain and called the next person to try his hand. The second also received the same treatment and acted the same way. The Christian was the third to pull but when his fingers were chopped off he screamed to the fourth man to run for his dear life to the anger of the other two who have received the same treatments as the Christian. The bewildered fourth man could only utter. “Is that what you call friendship?”










From now onward I go with the Christian. And this is the modern Christians problem. If he decides to teach the world by mixing up with them they inflict maximum damage on him. I f he withdraws from the ills of society he is called anti-social. Even among his own kind compromise has taken the better part of the truth. Still there is a way out and that’s what Jesus has provided. I f we begin to show love and concern for one another thus beginning our own little paradise which is now called the church, soon we will expand to cover the entire universe and believe me paradise which was lost in the days gone by will be regained. Start doing good to any needy person as from today. Forget about his colour, forget about his race, and forget about even his religion. Just extend your hand to the crying, Remember Rwanda, Remember Iraq, Remember Ethiopia, Remember Nicaragua, Sudan, Chad and the rest; they are all crying for help. If being Christ’s true Ambassadors is your lot then don’t wait. Go out and help out.  So do I believe everyone here to be. Remember these friends. Paradise is still within our reach. Enter into it now. The choice is yours clarity of life itself to be made known to us (1 Cor. 13) we must not overlook the truth of the norm of the life revealed to us in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2 and 3). The marital companionship which gave birth to all that which is beautiful, satisfactory, connection and progressive in things of success (scratch my back and I scratch yours) must not, should not and cannot be shelved by any human who has the programme of continuity and joy in mind. Careful studying of the marriage reveals so much to the believing man & woman, that his/her interest in the Organ whose doctrine expand become the cornerstone of his existence must be. The way to human peace can all be traced from this estate when two people from virtually different background, after several teething and differential problems finally make it to the top together. Here they are identified as successful by society. Every other program of success will take a cue from this command of God (See Gen. 1:26-27). To understand this life on the strength of its progress in unity, the Christian church is called upon in an explanatory position to clear the air. First, one is called (Numbers. 11:16-17) and the addition arrives. The expansion takes place on the agreement of collective approach based on individuals given talent (see 1 Cor 12; Rom 12; Acts 2:39-47 etc.) Church functions vary from Church to Church and what I have compiled is based on biblical revelation which may help many devoted, which dedicated and aspiring Christian and any man and woman of Goodwill will believing in marriage start believing in unity and believe me God will bless you. (NB: If you need a copy of functions in a Christian church as inspired by Rev. Daniel then please write to:                The secretariat- B.B.B

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