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Lena Koshie Maanan was born in Accra on the 7th day of July 1949 to Government Administrator father (of Presbyterian background) Mr. Samuel Akpakli and a disciplined Methodist Christian mother of great trading ability, Mrs. Joana Baku. Lena attended preparatory school at the age of 3 and started primary education at the age of 5 at Presbyterian Primary school, a stone throw from her place of residence. She completed her higher education at Akropong Girls’ Boarding (Training) school in the Eastern Region of Ghana in 1966. She was then employed as Sales Manageress at her industrialist brother Ben Kumah’s own TEXTILE PRODUCLTION ORGANIZATION called KUMATEX in Accra. In 1968 she married her childhood sweetheart (Daniel) and had their first son in December of that year. After that she broke away from the brother’s organization and with the help of her husband established her own store business of assorted high quality bags, clothes, shirts, blouses, shoes, etc.  Their first bon Sey died in 1972. After the “call” of her husband, she committed herself in raising up the children while still supporting her husband in the missionary work. The second son Moses was born in 1974 and Lena joined her husband briefly in 1976. She would then be shuttling between maintaining the household and following the husband on his missionary trips. The third son Daniel would be born in London in 1978 and the last born Ruth would be born in 1989. Settled at base she registered to study Christian Evangelism at the TTCT Bible Training school from where she was commissioned and ordained Head Evangelist for some time. And upon relinquishing the post she was appointed Divine Supervisor of the Church with responsibilities of Counselling marriage couples, hosting guests and training the youth of teenaged standard for higher office.


With the boys now grown and Ruth brought from England to settle in the Netherlands the journey has never stopped and Lena never stopped being “the best woman I have ever laid my eyes on”. They recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in their usual quite way which was conducted by Reverend E.V. Veldhuizen of the Gereformeerd Church (i.e. Presbyterian Church of Holland). The Journey Continues.

If we are to declare the amazing things of progress for many in the Christian household which the Almighty is using this man to attain, we may never complete this statement For God is mightily using this man who prefers “quite” diplomacy to “shouting from a roof tops. Today with wife nearing the sixties and Daniel ih his mid sixties this very modest couple of great substance have never stopped serving God piously and hope one day you will also be given the opportunity to meet them and see what I mean. May God truly bless Reverend Daniel, Mrs. Himmans and their missionary work. For, to me, Reverend Daniel Himmans-Arday is one of Christianity’s finest in this universal Evangelism. Do visit our website regulary and if you have any questions email us. God bless.






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