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The T.T.C.T. is established to motivate the Youth in society to accomplished dignified status to impress upon the ordinary man and woman that good lifestyle based on Christ’s doctrine, actually pay off and that Christianity is truly the way of this life, in physical, practical, moral, mental and scriptural term. All people of all races are welcome to know that Christ is the Head of the Globe.


MINISTRIESEvangelismMen & Women Evangelists.

The Church Evangelists coordinate principles, give ear to the struggling believer, advocate for marital peace and help people in need no matter their affiliation.


The mission                                                                                


In 1975 in obedience to the message of God (Matt. 10: 7-10), Daniel traveled to London in the United Kingdom where he established a Prayer Group (which would later be converted into a full “Evangelical Church some twenty years later). He was “directed” to base in The Netherlands. And so in 1976 he came to establish the “True Teaching of Christ Temple” (the very first independent Evangelical Church established by an African south of the Sahara, possibly in Europe and certainly in The Netherlands (Holland).

In the 1980s despite the fact that the call may be sufficient for any spirit filled man of God, Daniel enrolled as a distant student at the UK centre for Post and undergraduate Theological College – LBC from where he graduated and was commissioned with diploma in THEOLOGY. Also he graduated with Higher Diploma in Christian Administration, Counseling and Organizing, Elements of New Testament Greek, Method of Church Management and Youth Training.


In 1980, Daniel went back to Ghana to establish the prayer post of the Church led by Pastors Ishmael Deh and Christie Matthews. In 1984 Daniel established a branch of the Church in Hamburg, Germany. Recently under the command of the Holy Spirit, Daniel again entered the United States, visiting Six States and 9 cities to establish the international network of True Christian Evangelism. The grounds men are still working on the modalities, so that in the end real benefit will reach every Christian in sight irrespective of his or her Church affiliation.


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