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Welcome to the Programme


It is important to let you understand that the Global Network of International Christian Centre is not a Branch of any known Church but is a Non Profitable Evangelical Organization whose interest lies solely on the betterment of the human race – health wise, spiritually, physically and socially, with preaching, conferences and perpetuating Christian values forming the core of its Program. Welcome I say to the Program ….. The cradle of the Centre situated in the heartland of Africa (Ningo of Greater Accra, Ghana) to be precise, the center aspires to promote family values Christian credibility, spiritual healing and other viable ventures among Christian churches affiliated to it; all over the world.



Once again I repeat …..

The center is situated in the heartland of Africa, Ghana, Accra Ningo to be precise, the center aspires to raise Christian credibility among Churches, hold conferences in the direction of helping the poor, the needy, and the sick in various parts of the world especially Africa. The head Minister and founder of the center Rev. Daniel Himmans-Arday is available on invitation to explain the way to Churches, organizations or groups who may invite him and his ministers. Such invitation may be channeled through the Gospel Evangelicals in Seattle USA, pastured by Pastor Joe A. Donkor and Pastor Stanley O. Afriyie, Evangelist Ben Edusei and the faithfuls.


The USA Centre, pastured by its representatives affiliates itself to all Churches and Christians willing to preach the Gospel in full and invoke blessing of the Lord to all the organizations who are participating by means of healing sessions, counseling, correspondences, email (all either directly or online) involving the founding Reverend Minister Daniel who will always be available on call through the Network USA Prayer Line in Seattle USA. The Centre intent to organize by-yearly excursions and fact finding expeditions to Africa, starting initially with Ghana (and West Africa) where visitors or participants may stay with Christian families at a token fee, and from where they may be taken to needy areas of concern (i.e. the poor places, the street children homes, the broken down schools and hospitals and the places of divine interest and awareness as well.

The Centre intends to promote social/educational exchange among students organized from the Centre’s USA base in Seattle between the African Colleges.




I am inspired to set up a network of Christian Centre (and philanthropistc) help line after seeing the enormity of the poverty surrounding us everyday. While many are using the pulpit to amass wealth thus ignoring the plight of the common man (not talking about suffering nations which maybe beyond me at the moment) I am therefore inspired to use this gift of God not only to reach the crying majority in their hour of need by means of only preaching (and spiritual healing) but by means of practical endeavour as well. That was the core of the Christian Ministry then (see Matt. 25:37-40; Acts 4:31-35; Acts 20:16-35 and I Cor. 9:6-11). And this ought to be the core of the Christian ministry now too. While it is gratifying to praise the Lord joyously by means of dancing, clapping of hands and with trumpet, harp, organ, drums, guitar, choristers and human presence in great numbers, it is equally gratifying to see to it that through collective efforts of the annointed, the blessed rich, the privileged, the extra blessed all comes to aid of the ordinary man, in the person of the jobless, the widow, constantly sick, the teenaged mother, the discarded street child, etc. in this life. Let us help him/her to live like a decent human being by means of organizing workshop, employing him, visiting, sharing his grief and making him happy. Anxiety and fear (of ridiculing him because his/her seed is not deeply planted enough to generate blessing when one knows that without the means one cannot give and must not be forced to (see I Tim. 6:3-20) has gripped all Christianity … surely we shall all overcome someday …Please donate generously towards the welfare of the Network and the missionary work. Give generously to Joe Appiah – Stanley Afriye and the contributions will be used to your desire. The complex building to house delegates, hold conferences and distribute amenities to the needy in Africa is not fully completed. Yet it is our desire to complete and dedicate that to the Lord next year too. So if you are today touched, donate towards its completion and we shall acknowledge the receipt of every dime you send and invite you to the grand opening in Africa too. In USA, see Pastors Joe Appiah and Stanley Afriyie or give generously to Marked as Africa Project in Seattle USA. In Europe donate to Europe Coordinator Steve Afrifa on Post Bank Account No. 5811425 in the Netherlands. In Ghana, contact Pastor Ishmael Deh, P.O. Box 11308 Accra. Tel No. 024450067. God is blessing you already and you will never be disappointed. Thanks and God bless you. !!!


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