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 Perhaps you are one of the many people who are of the opinion that church is a boring, irrelevant and a “who cares anyway? Sort of place”. It may come as a surprise for you, to discover that many Christians today hold the same view! More importantly, it wouldn’t be surprising if God Himself was fed up with hearing the “same old stuff” that’s churned out, year after year, often from clerically self-styled “Ministers”, who no longer even make a pretence of believing the rehearsed and tedious Sermons that they preach from the pulpits, Sunday after Sunday. And wherever the Gospel has been faithfully preached (including the established Church) instead of decline, growth has been the common experience. The Bible teaches us that…..

In the presence of God there is fullness of joy. ~ Psalm 16:11 also we read in Psalm 22;3 ~God inhabits the praise of (His people).

Our Heavenly Father is infinitely dynamic and creative. He wants to build and encourage us, not bore us to sleep!

Perhaps you have been discouraged by your experience of the church, we would like the opportunity to “set the record straight” THE TRUE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST’S TEMPLE is an international Church with people from all walks of life, who love the Lord ( and surprisingly each other as well) we want to share the wonderful message of God’s Love ,with everyone. We are an honest, truthful, exciting and relevant church and we believe that the message about Gods Love for the world is just as powerful today, as it was two thousand years ago, when the Lord Jesus walked and taught along the shores, of the sea of Galilee.


Perhaps you have just moved to the area and would like to make new friends, it may be that you are a Christian, not currently attending a church, or possibly you have doubts and questions that we may be able to help you find answers for. Perhaps you are experiencing bereavement or troubles and would like us to pray WITH you and your family, possibly you would like to have a confidential talk with someone who really cares. Why not give us a call, or just come along to our Sunday Service at 10:00 am. You have nothing to lose; and possibly a great deal to gain.

There is the old joke about a dustman who turns up at the door of a “Middle Class” Church, only to be angrily turn away by the Deacon, who did not want members of the  Church upset by the man’s scruffy presence. The disconsolate man wanders away, and is met by the Lord Jesus, who comforts him. Jesus explains that the same thing happened to Him, years before, and He had not been allowed in since then.


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