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To the True Teacching of  Christ Temple. An International Evangelical Ministry whose words,work and deeds are based on the ancient values and virtues of christ, and with worldwide membership ( Matt.10: 7-11)

PLEDGE: To walk and work according to Inspired and Revealed message.

MISSION STATEMENT: Service to the people is service to God ( Matt. 25: 37- 40 ) to curb the Youths of today from harmful practises.

DOCTRINE : Godly fulfilment of promises made for the living and teaching of eternal salvation for us all.

On Reward ( see Matt. 19: 27-29) On Answer ( see John 15: 7-8) On Feeding ( see Acts. 4: 32-35 ) On Direction and protection ( see Acts. 20: 25-35 ) On Salvation ( see Rom. 10: 13 ) and On Guide and Annointing ( see James 5: 13-15 ).

The prospect of being told ( at the end by the Almighty that we have done a fine job, sought the highest good and found and practised them and as such the eternal rest belong to us urges us all on to seek the interest of the of the deprived, down trodden ( throden ).

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